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                  Group Introduction
                  Committed to building a "century old economic association"

                  Zhejiang Economic Co-operation Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified and export-oriented enterprise group established in October 1984 after the decision of the expanded meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee. It was restructured into a limited liability company in 2004, mainly engaged in material sales, import and export trade, equity investment, securities investment, asset management, real estate development and other businesses. With standardized operation and strict management, the company has been rated as "top 100 material supply and marketing enterprises in China", "China's 500 largest service enterprises", "backbone enterprises in the logistics industry in Zhejiang Province", "the largest enterprise in the commercial industry in Zhejiang Province" for many consecutive years.

                  China's 500 largest service companies
                  3A Enterprise Credit Rating (Year)
                  Group creation time (year)
                  One of Zhejiang Top 100 Service Enterprises
                  One of the Top 500 Zhejiang Merchants of China
                  Trade Industry
                  Capital Investment
                  Real Estate